Google needs to get their shit together

I have a game in the app store, Hexd, that runs ads with admob and I reached the payment threshold to be paid of a full $100.

Complaint number 1: When ever I tried to add a payment account I get and error. No big deal right, I’ll just contact support. OH WAIT THERE IS NO SUPPORT, only forums.

Complaint number 2: I want to invite a new account to my adsense account. So I send the invite and the other account accidentally creates a new account. Now both account have a message that one of them needs to be closed. The help page says to go to account then close account. The problem is that the account button is disabled on that account that was opened accidentally. I’ll just contact support but again ONLY FORUMS NO ACTUAL SUPPORT PEOPLE.

At this point I don’t care about the $100 of ad money and delete the original account.

Complaint number 3: I try to setup my primary website with adsense because I want to reset up ads in the game and you need to have adsense account to have an admob account. But my website apparently doesn’t have content because it just points people to the app store to get the game. WTF I say.

So I applied for this site to adsence, I have no intention of running ads on this site. I just want to run ads in my app. I hope whoever is looking at this site from google takes pity. If not I will have to find someone else to run my ads that’s not google.